Karla Ivey, Administrative Assistant
work: 928.226.1779
Karla's Favorite things - 

What’s your dream vacation? A secluded cabin on a tropical island for 2 weeks. Complete with room service and spa treatments. 


Favorite Movie:  Robin Hood with Kevin Costner or King Arthur. 


Favorite Food:  Steak and apple pie 


Flavor of Ice Cream:  Moose Tracks


If you were stranded on a desert island what 3 things would you want to survive?  Bible, electricity, working phone. 


What’s playing on your iTunes?  Worship music or 80's music


What book would you recommend?  Anything written my Francine Rivers. Echo in the Darkness is my favorite. 


Hobbies:  (I need to work on this) horse back riding but I never get to do it lol. 


Favorite Bible Verse:  Matt 6:33-34.