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Giving and stewardship are important disciplines in the life of a believer. There are many ways in which we can give—through serving and giving of our time, talents and finances. Consistently giving tithes and gifts is a bold step of faith and we thank you for being faithful to the growth of God's kingdom.

We encourage everyone to log in and set up a donor profile, even if you do not contribute using the online platform. If you set up your profile with your email and address, you will be able to review our personal giving statements any time throughout the year. This will also be a huge help to us in maintaining an accurate database as we do our best to communicate with you effectively all that God is doing at NCA.

  • TEXT to this number: 843-21

  • Enter your Donation amount

  • Select Northland Christian Assembly

  • Follow the steps given for payment method

  • Note: Money will default to Tithe but you can designate payment to Tithe, Missions or Building by simply typing that word after your donation amount. 

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