If you're a guy and looking either to go deeper in your faith, to ask faith questions, or to have a casual time of fellowship, join us at one of our weekly or monthly men's gatherings.  

Every Tuesday morning at 7 AM we meet at the McDonald's on Milton for our Men's Bible Study.  It's a great time of learning and fellowship with other men.


Let's provide more details here. What is the Bible study and how long will it last. Provide a short description and with details that will compel men to join the study.

Our most popular event because, of course, every man loves breakfast.  Join us every first Saturday of the month for a variety of eggs, breakfast meats, potatoes, toasts and other goodies. In the course of breakfast, we share a short message that relates specifically to men and their role in the family and society.


 Man Up - Bible Study


Join us the first Saturday of the month as we study what it means to be a man.

Watch the trailer to see what this study will be about.

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